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    Company Profile

    寧波格蘭特制冷設備制造有限公司是專業生產制冰機生產廠商,1992年在美國組建格蘭特研發團隊,1996年籌建格蘭特中國工廠,土地面積30000平方米,建筑面積37000平方米,公司擁有先進的生產設備、先進的生產工藝、和現代化的管理模式、具備嚴格的質量管理體系,通過了IS09001-2000國際質量體系認證、ISO14001 -2004國際環境管理體系認證和歐盟CE產品質量認證。

    寧波格蘭特制冷設備制造有限公司獨家負責起草的《片冰制冰機中華人民共和國國內貿易行業標準 SB/ T10414 - 2007 》、《雪花冰制冰機中華人民共和國國內貿易行業標準SB/T 10413-2007》已發布執行。公司于2003年起分別被省、市、區科學技術廳(局)認定為《高新技術企業》,同時獲得中華人民共和國科技部《國家技術創新基金立項項目》和《國家火炬計劃項目證書》等諸多榮譽。





    Grant lce Systems Grant ice systems is a manufacturer which specialized in producing commercial  ice making machines, research and development team set up in the USA in 1992, prepare to build the factory in china in 1996. It covers an area 30000㎡ and building area of 37000㎡. The company has advanced production equipment, advanced production technology, and modern management mode, with a strict quality management system. It has been approved with the requirements of the international standard as following: ISO9001 :2000 the quality management system certificate, ISO1 4001 :2004 the environment management system certificate and as well as the CE certificate.

    Grant lce Systems was solely responsible for drafting standard" PEOPLE'S REPUBIC OF CHINA DOMESTIC TRADE INDUSTRY STNADRAD SB/T 10414-2007 :FLAKE ICE MACHINE"," PEOPLE'S REPUBIC OF CHINA DOMESTIC TRADE INDUSTRY STNADRAD SB/T 10413-2007:GRANULAR ICE MACHINE" issued and implemented, at the same time obtained PEOPLE'S REPUBIC OF CHINA ministry of science and technology "national technology innovation fund of projects" and national torch program projects certificate" etc honor in 2003.

    Grant lce Systems, we have machinery machining, welding, heat treatment, plating, electrical, assembly , etc workshop, now company have 216 employees, including various senior engineer, engineering and technical management staff 59 people , We provide a integrative service of layout, design, manufacture, install, and staff trained for land ice making centre of various industry.

    Grant lce Systems is now producing three main series of Freon refrigeration systems, Ammonia refrigeration systems and CO? refrigeration systems and are available in many different models at a rate of 70kg to over 10tons within 24hours which can meet all kinds of increasing needs for commercial use of ice, which can be widely used in fishery and sea food industry, food processing,  supermarkets and sea food markets, meat and chicken processing,bakery, restaurant,coffee, bar, skiing field as well as various other industries.

    Grant Ice Systems relies on the top quality products, impeccable product service, reasonable price, excellent credibility and a good reputation to gain many customer's approval ,we believe that grant ice systems will be your idea choice.

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